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Last week had a couple of other interesting bits. The epigastric… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Jul 27


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Last week had a couple of other interesting bits.

The epigastric acid returned. Fortunately, I had a doctor's appointment already scheduled. Adjusted the medication, went over a few things, scheduled an Upper GI with follow through, to check on the Crohn's. The medication changes appear to be helping. This weekend is much better.
new ink!
After a break of a few years, I have acquired another bit of inkwork. Tattoo to some of you. This was some enhancement to a piece I got about 9 years ago. The pic here was taken right at the end of the session, so it's obviously still reddened, raw and a little swollen. Was a nice buzz though. Hearing the sound of the needle brought back a few very nice memories. Had some pictures taken, during the session as well, for personal edification.

The artist, Ronan at Imperial Tattoo, is a very cool guy with a great eye and excellent hands. I'm quite pleased with the result, it's significant completion to that element! Enough so to continue with the next phases of the plan, too.

... and that's the story of the new icon.


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Date:2008 Jul 29 - 02:04 (UTC)
Very nice ink work! ^^
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Date:2008 Jul 29 - 03:23 (UTC)
Thanks. A slow work in progress. This is a nice improvement on that piece, it was always somewhat unfinished.