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garden again - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Jul 26

23:28garden again 

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A few more garden pics for now. Tonight I harvested some radishes, carrots, beets, a couple onions and pruned back some of the herbs (and hung them up to start drying). The tomato plants are still dominating, towering over the peppers, which aren't doing quite so well. Judging by the number of flowers on the cucumbers, there should be some good eating there, too.

I don't think the garden has minded much that this has been the wettest June+July on record.


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Date:2008 Jul 27 - 04:02 (UTC)
Your plants are doing fantastic.

I'm quite jealous :3.

I think I lost my peppers -due to the constant rain for three nights- and the soil becoming to heavy. Hasn't been really warm either during they're growth duration which is needed.


I'm glad to se your having success :3