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I hate days that my gut is bothering me from top to bottom. Been more of those recently. I think I've identified a possible trigger though. So we'll see how the next week works out.

The tomato plants appear to like the relatively moist year we've had. They've sort of exploded all over their end of the garden, dwarfing the garlic and hot pepper on either side. All in all, the garden is doing very well indeed. Better than last year, though a bit later. The only disappointments are the second batch of garlic I put in as well as the peas and beans; not sure what I'm doing wrong there. But the herbs, onions, radishes, cucumber, carrots and beets are all happily doing their things. I should attach some pics some time.

The garden seems to be a bit of a neighbourhood attraction, oddly enough. People drop by and offer compliments, and apparently talk about it amongst themselves. A little odd considering it's actually a rather small plot (theobviousname calls it my "palliative garden" something I find amusingly accurate). However, if the attention helps me get acquainted with neighbours and encourages some of them to try their hands at it, I'm all good with that. We're going to need this sort of thing. I'm certainly learning things.
Tags: garden, gut
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