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I hate days that my gut is bothering me from top to bottom. Been… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Jul 11


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Date:2008 Jul 12 - 03:23 (UTC)
I am so sorry about the gut problems. Hope you have discovered the problem and can get it fixed. I have s slight problem with uncooked nightshade family items (tomatoe, potato, egg plant and peppers.

Lovely to hear about the garden. Nice that the neighbors are encouraging you.
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Date:2008 Jul 18 - 20:35 (UTC)
Have gotten a couple tips and given out several of my own, so I think it's a win-win situation. Some seem unsure why I would do this. I mean people might *take* stuff. Fortunately this is a pretty decent neighbourhood so that paranoia is not common and not a useful guide to things.

As for the gut, I think I narrowed it down a supplement I was taking. The rest of the week has gone a bit better. It's not all back to normal yet, just better.