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A decent day. A horizontally symmetrical day! The last for many many… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2008 Mar 13


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Date:2008 Mar 14 - 01:46 (UTC)
Toronto.com Hotels is a reasonable resource. $100 is a little bit of a tough find. There are advertised rates at that price, but that's usually the low end of the range and go fairly quickly. But 100-149 is a decent range. Some reasonable B&Bs in the area as well. Demand is fairly seasonal, but with the low US dollar, there's likely be better deals all year long this year than in the past.

I'd offer space, but I expect my place is highly suboptimal. Friendly but persistent canine in residence, 10 minutes walk from a subway station. It's also a rather vertical residence as well, much to the canine's chagrin. Still, it is a possibility.