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Backlog completion and Ink Inevitability

If you were paying attention earlier, I linked to a few new sets of photos in my last entry. This is a subtle hint that I'm now caught up (more or less) with the backlog of pictures I've taken. I think at some point I may go back and build proper calibration profiles for my older JVC camera and reprocess some of those images with NoiseNinja, but... well... I can dream, but it probably won't happen as the quality is "good enough".

This weekend has been focussed on tattoo designs. I need to get some more ink. I have a couple of plans. Some touch-up/rework on my earliest piece. Tricky without going overboard. And then my next larger piece. I have the basic concept, but the precise central art still eludes. I really have to get off my butt and poke at a couple of people for assistance. I know the style of imagery I want, just getting everything to come together is the tough bit.

And then there's a special smaller piece (part of a much larger, multi-piece work) lurking in the back of my mind...

Of course, then there's the deal of finding the right artist. Since Shane is so very incredibly difficult to contact these days, I'll probably scout around a bit. The rework one may be the best one to try out with a new artist.
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