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I seem to be upholding my not-posting trend well. :)

I had a great time at Gallifrey One. See?

I had a great time with Kishor. See?

I had a great time with Kayotae and Kaysho (for a couple of brief visits), Gatcat and others, too. See?

The weather was a bit of a miss, but was somewhat better than the record month of snow we had at home.

Skipping over the return travel day (should have been 8 hours door-to-door, ended up being 20) the return to work was... well, about how you could expect a return to work to be. Only with additional stress. I'm less and less willing to deal with interrupt-driven management styles. But, I have the gym to work out frustration at, so it remains tolerable. For now.

Tags: convention, kishor, travel
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