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Last weekend, I was home for my grandmother's 90th birthday. Still going strong; she should have a few more left ahead of her. Good cake, some minor problems at the birthday meal, but survivable (it was only a couple pieces of chicken). My brother's kids are kind of fun (for kids). It was pretty good to get home and see some of the rest of the family from young to old. Of course, it's always good to come home to an enthusiastic puppy (well, greymuzzled puppy) welcome.

Interesting passing note, ended up sitting on the plane back to the city in the row in front of Dan Redican. No gushing fan moment. It was just amusing to see him, a little greyer than I last saw him. I mostly slept on the flight, but he was having a rather decent conversation with his neighbour for most of the flight. My respect for him as a performer went up a notch actually.

Today was supposed to be a market day, but I skipped it, opting to go pick up the peat moss for the Endless Garden Project instead. One step closer.

Yes, I know I've missed several key events in my posting absence... Very very briefly.

  • Lots more Doctor who watched, and heard. Hmm, and Jupiter Moon and other things too.
  • Cysts removed, moderately butch scars put in their place. No, no pics. Well, there are, but not for show.
  • thegoodmo came a visiting and we all went down to see Cirque du Soleil's new show: KOOZÅ. Quite impressive.
  • Pushing my cycling a bit. Getting some good times too and from work now
  • Into a regular work out routine with a couple of guys from work. It's definitely a different session when there's friends to smack talk a bit.
  • One of the side projects is Doomed™.
  • Another has some life for it, and is starting to catch my attention more.
  • Pre-pre-pre preparations for the eventual Powerdown continue. Going to the CNE with Mo gave me a bit more information on that score. Plus pictures of the Lego tower.
  • September has been an interesting month of increasing communication... but not always the types or targets I was expecting.
  • My website and gallery are going to be going through some changes and will have random availability as servers are changed. I know this will be world-ending news for some of you. LOL
  • Maybe these will get further embellishment later, but knowing me... possibly not.

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