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weekend - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2007 Apr 01


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Somewhat busy weekend.

Saturday started out with a breakfast gathering with a few of the local types. Was fun for a while. Couldn't stay as long as the crowd normally lingers. I had a few other time-limited things to get done.

Shopping ensued. But not leisure shopping. Fairly targetted. On the P (Produce) axis, picked up some gardening tools, and some seeds to get started at some point soon. Oh, I did pop into World's Biggest and pick up a few books, some practical (or at least somewhat; they'll help with planning what exactly I need to do around the house, or decide if I can even do it to the current location). I did cave on the E (Economize) axis a bit and picked up two SFnal books. First ones I've bought since November.

Then back home for the second orbit. Taking teh puppeh to teh Vet. He loves going to the Vet. Well, he loves going to the vet. And he's quite happy in the waiting area. There's cat food to sniff at after all. The front examination rooms are still okay. Things to investigate and doors. But the back examination room is a realm for stubbornness and careful edging towards freedom. It does go better when I'm present, though.

Some number of tests, pokings, prodding and indignities later (not to mention a hefty violation of the E axis when the invoice was presented) it was all done. The doggeh is doing well. Very well for 11. He does have some lumbar arthritis that is begining to bother him more often. So far, though, he's not been on NSAIDs except for a couple of very short episodes. The glucosamine and such seem to help a lot. But won't forever, and it's heading towards the grey area.

Blood work showed up a slight elevation of liver enzymes, so he'll be going back in a couple of weeks to check it out. I don't think it's anything to worry about. It's barely elevated, but liver function is important, especially if there are canine NSAIDs in the future.

Then home for a bath (the final doggie torture of the day), food, lounging and watching the Season 3 finale for BSG. Very nice.

Sunday was more Reduction of Junk. Boxes of old manuals, a variety of semi-working old electronics, and a few small boxes of 3.5" floppy disks failed the triage. The disks were the hardest. Spent a few hours making sure their contents were already transferred to the RAID array if they warranted it. Was good I did that. I came across some interesting finds. Old archives of discussions from the SFRTs from the mid-90s, for example. Nostalgic stuff indeed!

And to round it out, watched the new season opener for Doctor Who. I'll have more to say about that later.