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Ack. Wanted to update this over a week ago now. Hmmm. Got distracted then busy. Ah well.

I've been fairly busy, though it's not terribly exciting. Possibly the most interesting bit (in a geeky way) is that I've got a full MythTV setup working. With some hacking, I've got it capturing from my pcHDTV3000 capture card for HD signals and from my expressvu box for "normal" TV. Several tricky parts, including getting the IR transmitter to work properly with the Expressvu receiver. But I won in the end. Victory for ZIM!

So now I can time shift properly. Got a good archive pipeline set up as well, so it's possible to do a very nice job of keeping recordings long term. Previously I was hobbling by with Freevo, but MythTV is much more mature. Not perfect, but more mature.

Sufficient work to keep me busy as well. It's not quite so annoying now that I'm on a new team. Still frustration. But it wouldn't be work if there wasn't at least some of it. I should be able to start cycling in to work again soon and that will be Very Good.

Much medical to-ing and fro-ing recently. The constant fatigue seems to be under control, and not dragging down the rest of the structure. Going to be getting a couple little sebaceous cysts removed in mid-April, cat scan to check on my Crohn's in May... Dentist as well. Many pokings and proddings. But nothing life-threatening.

These are just small line items in the plan (such as it is) for the next three years or so. There are some things I need to be ready for, and I think things people and places are finally starting to slowly come together. Oh, maybe I shouldn't say that; it's still early days and there's years yet to come.

Another line item is doing some decluttering. Some. Making my way through the basement, getting rid of boxes(!) of cables I'll never need any more, boxes of crapped out hard drives. Several shelves to go through yet, and a few more boxes and bins. Okay, a lot. But it's progress. Feels good to have some of this stuff out of the house, even though it's still "all perfectly useful".
Tags: declutter, mythtv, plan, work
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