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away - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2007 Feb 19


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And virtually no one even noticed. Interesting.


Date:2007 Feb 19 - 18:35 (UTC)
People have lives man. You have to participate in other people's lives to have others do the same for you. :)
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Date:2007 Feb 20 - 00:15 (UTC)
Wow. I wasn't even going there. Check the mood bit. "Amused". Starts with the same letter as, but has little to do with, "Angsty". :p I was making an observation on something that occurred and caused a brief moment of reflection and a slight smile.

However, you made a interesting comment. People do have lives and priorities of their own. Participate... in some cases it seems to be talking to a hole in the air, e-mail, voice messages and IMs attempting to maintain contact. Enough to tax even the dogged determination. No, I'm not referring to anyone in particular.

I've been doing a lot better at using other people's prioritization of contact with me to keep things symmetrical. There have been more than a few surprises.


Date:2007 Feb 19 - 19:20 (UTC)
away??? You mentioned this where?
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Date:2007 Feb 20 - 00:19 (UTC)
Oh, I didn't. Not really. Some things I can't (or is that won't?) broadcast on public fora, so it gets relegated to private e-mail, voice or IM conversation.

The observation wasn't a judgment. Simply a self-amusing observation.

There may be pictures. If any came out.