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On shortish notice, and with the help of a rather cool last minute package, I found myself in Norfolk, VA last weekend to visit with draconi. While it was good to visit him, there was lots about the trip that I hope to forget soon.

I doubt I'll ever fly United again.

The outbound flight wasn't so bad, really. US Customs was a total breeze. Sometimes I think that there is actually a flag on my file that says "Mostly Harmless" or something. Arriving at Dulles was okay. That's about as far as the luck held.

The next flight (to Norfolk) went out from the same gate... on the same equipment. Different crew and flight number. And the crew was delayed due to the ice storms in Kansas and Oklahoma, etc. Which isn't really United's fault, I guess. But it was still a 45 minute delay.

I got to Norfolk, and contacted Ozzy. He was going to be a few hours later becoming available than he thought. Meh, I could work with that, just wanted to get my luggage and get to the hotel... oh... no luggage. It was still in Washington.

For those not paying attention: my luggage was on the plane. It had 45 extra minutes to make it from the plane, back onto the same plane and it still didn't make it. The United staff was... very... relaxed about the whole thing. "We'll get it to you eventually" was pretty much their attitude.

As it turned out, I got it approximately 24 hours after I arrived, and only about 16 hours before I was due to leave back for home. Stellar work, United!

I'm also glad I took some time to familiarize myself with the google maps of the area... because, even though I was at a major hotel in town, the cabbie had absolutely no idea how to get there. And didn't pay attention to the road signs indicating construction and closed exits either.

Still, the time in Norfolk with Ozzy was kinda cool. We've both been in funks lately, and it was a good opportunity to try to cheer us both up. In that respect, it was probably only slightly successful. The various logistic problems caused issues. Still, he's a good pup.

Random humorous moment: as is not uncommon no matter where I am, I got mistaken for a local, and got asked for directions not once, but three times.

The trip back was far too early in the morning to worry much about anything. It went... more or less smoothly. Except that Total Security Asshats managed to ruin my luggage getting a bloody zip strip off of it so they could investigate the... nothing terribly interesting... that was inside. Well, okay, it's not ruined, but might not be useable on my next trip.

Doctor's appointment after I got back; trying to track down the reasons for the fatigue I've been under the last few months. I've had a number of thoughts about it, including being related to the depressive episodes, or possibly allergies. None of them seems to match really well, though. Second round of blood tests; this round had some scary items on the requisition. Mostly to be thorough; there's no reason for me to think that I have any of the items on that one. Chest x-ray, too.

No FC for me, so... chatting with a few others Not At FC, and lounging in "comfort gear", drinking Scotch and playing Shattered Galaxy. Acceptable.

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