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The holidays have come and gone, and we're into the dreary month of January. Except it really isn't. Sunny and warm? Like record warm. Odd stuff. I never thought I'd end up being able to ride my bike in to work in the first week of January. Happened more than once, in fact.

evil_dwagon was up here over Christmas. Was very good to have him around a bit. It'd been a while since I saw him last. Will be a while before I get to see him again, I think. What with many more time zones coming between us as he shuttles off to Central Asia for a year.

Got to hang with a few local types as well during the holidays. This was cool. The usual crowd, including kindar and redregon. krolain was also in evidence. Got to meet krrrven for the first time as well. Not what I was expecting. A fair bit of misinformation formed a not-terribly-accurate image. Still, was good to get a good data point and dispel some myths. A very interesting gathering this was.

Far too soon thereafter, the dragon had to leave, but that's okay. There will be other times in the future.

New Years was spent at home with the pup and the housemate and nudog and a collection of Venture Brothers season 2 episodes. Oh, and far more than sufficient alcohol.

2006 is gone. 2007 is here. I think this is probably an improvement. Have a couple of things to look forward to, have reconnected with more than one person that mean a whole bunch to me. And had a little bit of closure on an small spot of emotional trouble that had been working at me since the Fanfest in November.

2007 is here. It's way too early to say anything concrete, but I'm working my way towards a goal I've been wanting for years, something that will correct the massive workplace demoralisation I've had the last 4 months. Could be some very large changes. Or maybe it'll fizzle. Don't know yet.

Physically... I'm more fit than I've been in a while. Had a few compliments that... as usual... I had a hard time accepting, but maybe things are going better now. The only real anomaly is the constant fatigue I'm feeling. But I'm looking at getting that resolved as well. If my doctor can figure out what that is all about.

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