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Ack. Been another lengthy break between entries. I can't say that it's all that surprising, though. I find I don't have that much that actually needs to be said or shared recently. Either that or I'm too busy doing the something than writing about it.

Lemme see... October had lots of work in it, and Thanksgiving. nudog came by for dinner and drinks and we had plenty of each. A good time.

The rest of October had a lot more work in it. Well, not really more work. Just more time spent at work, a lot of it waiting for other people to get their act together. Outside of work, I ramped up some of my EVE activities for a while. At the time, there was some heavy politics in the game as my corp left our original alliance and joined another. We then watched the first alliance crumble, proving how central we had been to the alliance and how much everyone else in it had depended on us to keep things going; this was quite sad actually.

Hallowe'en was pretty quiet, but a lot of kids came by this year. Weather was pretty good which helped a fair bit.

November started off with a bit more of the same type of work/waiting-for-others as most of October was. I'm pretty mellow about all of it, and don't let attempts at Management By (Induced) Crisis get to me. Actually, compared to other places, this isn't bad at all.

Fortunately, I got a very very nice break from all of that by going off to Iceland for the 2006 EVE-Online FanFest. I even took a few pictures. I had a great time there. Had a couple of experiences that have changed my perspective on a lot of things and offered some new direction. No, no religious revelations or anything (though the next big EVE update is called "Revelations" :> ). No, more practical and personal matters. There may be more to share here later.

Only took me a day after I got back to get back into things; the cigarette smoke and lack of sleep and non-alcoholic drinks at Fanfest wasn't so bad this year; or at least I managed it better, and had more reason to do so.

I took a lot of pictures at Fanfest, and most of them didn't turn out too well at all. My current camera sucks at stills, especially in low light. It's much better as a video camera, but that's less useful than I thought it would. So I'm making motions to get a better, still highly portable, still camera for the future.

Back to work, coming up against a deadline, and a new little bomblet is dropped. Previous to this, a small group of us were tasked with some integration tasks to get two modules working together. We did that reasonably well. Even managed to get the requirements nailed down fairly well (always tricky when dealing with multiple sources of requirements). The bomblet: the new module is behind time and could we please take these other little sections and finish them in a week, plzkthx. Uhhh, yeah. Are there specs? No. Are we aware of the business logic we need to hook into. Not at all. How much time did you say again? Yeah. Well, we finally have some proper identification of requirements for part of it... So maybe we'll get something done... but not in time for the End of Coding. Am I worried? Not at all. I can't be bothered to care quite that much about it.

Aside from work: well, EVE, of course. And some side projects. One of which was rebuliding the photo gallery. Took a fair bit of fighting with Perl (I hate Perl), but I think I've gotten a good result that doesn't have any real runtime requirements.

All through this period, I've been dealing with some very uneven moods. At a couple points, it almost crashed the Fanfest trip, and made the periods before and especially after very difficult. But as with such things, they slowly ease for a while, and I'm on a fairly even keel at the moment.

There are things to look forward to. evil_dwagon looks to be coming up for the last half of December, including Christmas. That will be fun, though it will make my biofamily a bit disappointed; they were sort of expecting me back there this year. But I can't juggle everything. I'll end up going out there in January for a bit; to get my fix of -40 degree weather and see how things are going out there. It's probably better this way in any case; I'm not so good at family gatherings with lots of additional stress from multiple generations at different energy levels.

After that... I'm not making too many plans for 2007. Well, I'm making some vague plans, but there isn't really an itinerary. I'm most likely not making it to FC this year. Possibly Lunacon, and possibly Baycon. But not firm enough for either to make any sort of commitment. Beyond that, it's laughable to try to plan. There are a couple of things I'm really really hoping will happen, but I'm not going to even whisper them here for fear of jinxing things.

There should be a pithy sign off in here about now, but that seems a bit artificial for me. :)

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