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It's been quite a while since my last public update.

So, for those interested: a brief review of the summer.

Eventually gave up on Ferion after a couple of games. Just not really worth the effort. Too much pointless micromanagement, and lots of strategic choices that really didn't have any options except the One True Way. Without a lot of interaction with other players, this whole concept became a bit more boring than I'd thought it would be.

Gaylaxicon was fun. Got to hang around with many good people, and met some additional new ones. I took some pictures, but haven't posted any of them yet.

Come to think of it, I haven't posted the Baycon ones either. Or even earlier ones. Hmm.

The rest of the summer was mostly spent working, cycling, or lurching from extra expenditure to extra expenditure. A rather expensive summer. AC/heater replacement, storage array replacement to start with. Then, when things were evening out, my glasses broke. More expense. But that's all fine. Stuff that had to be done, so it had to be done, and it was.

(Oh, and then another drive failed. Meh!)

My mother came for a visit in September. It's always good to see her, and she likes the city well enough. We even managed to make it to The McMichael Collection. A place I would definitely go again.

There have been other little diversions here and there. Perhaps more on them later. Perhaps not.

Work was decent for much of the summer; I felt I was in a place where I could make some difference, and improve my skills and knowledge at the same time. At the beginning of September, however, that changed a bit. I'm on loan to an integration between two components in the application. And when that's done, I end up going to another section of R&D. The first is strewn with ambiguous requirements and architectural decisions I do not agree with. The second looks to be more of "a place to store me" rather than to actually make use of what I can do. Meh. The guys on the project are all very cool, which helps a lot. And who knows what changes the rest of the year will bring.

I think I've made some progress in being able to describe my mental landscape a bit more. That will definitely make it into a future post.

abse... ah, never mind; the experiment told me what I needed to know.

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