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Hmm, been a bit since I posted. Not that things have not been happening. Just, it's been not terribly exciting or dramatic or anything like that.

I've been playing with my video capture and processing toys again. New capture card, that can also capture HDTV. This will be quite useful in the medium future. Much fussing around with IR controls and building source of software to get around some odd combinations of limitations in the processing chains I want to use. But in the end, I think I'm getting it figured out. I'll probably write a bit of Python glue to replace the well-written (IMHO) but complicated 1k-line shell script I have to manage things now.

Work has been frustrating. A stream of high priority issues to look at, and some non-co-operation from other sections on them. I may have a longer rant about it soon (mostly likely two, actually). It's not so bad. Just a bit draining mentally.

Been playing a bit more Anarchy Online again. Ran across some old guildies, and have been hanging out with them. EVE is still my preferred, but it's nice to have another environment to escape to.


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