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Well, 2006 has arrived. As usual of late, I've been remiss in posting anything much. Fairly brief summary.

Work is acceptable. Not intellectually stimulating, but not stressful, and it is paying enough to cover costs. So 'acceptable' is a good description.

Over the holidays, I've had the chance to hang out with a few good people. First it was </a></a>krolain, </a></a>pissy_badger, </a></a>nudog and </a></a>okana, the weekend before Christmas. A nice evening watching movie, a few drinks and much discussion.

Then, </a></a>draconi came up for a week and a bit over Christams. It was really good to have him around. Glad he was here, and I'm glad he had a good time. On Christmas Eve, we went off to the furry breakfast gathering, and that was fun as well.

Hmm, food, shopping, movies, chats, food... heh. Was a good visit. Even if I did have to go to work on several days. Hmm, I probably shouldn't mention the piercings or the tonsorial alterations.

Eventually, though he had to leave, on New Year's Eve no less. Well, that's just how the travel times worked out for the best fares.

But NYE wasn't lonely. </a></a>redwolfexr was driving up from Texas to Boston and decreed that it was only a couple hundred miles out of his way to come by for a visit. Additionally </a></a>nudog came by for a few drinks and animated discussion. It was a good time. Drama-free and engaging.

Next stop: Further Confusion. Well, hopefully an entry or two before then. And a new set up for my photo gallery, not to mention lots of new pics.

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