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Lunacon - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Mar 23


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I'm sitting here in the lobby of the "Escher" Hilton as the last few brave souls struggle out from the weekend that was Lunacon. Well, okay, nothing quite so dramatic. But the con is more or less over, except for the Dead Dog Party. Assuming there is one; there usually is one. As usual, Lunacon was a good convention. Not too rowdy or rambunctious. A good chance to get to hang around with some of the usual suspects from years gone by and possibly add some new ones.

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Date:2003 Mar 25 - 09:53 (UTC)
*pokes you at random*
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Date:2003 Mar 25 - 09:57 (UTC)
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Date:2003 Mar 25 - 17:42 (UTC)