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possums - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Oct 31


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Thursday night, still feeling some of the effects of the week's earlier cold, I got a chance to see Dame Edna's Back With A Vengeance tour. I'm smart, though. Having seen a previous show, I know better than to sit anywhere near the orchestra. They are the primary targets for her particular, unique wit.

Oh, and she's was also on the season premiere of Just For Laughs on CBC too on Friday. LOL.

Still recovering from the illness acquired during my trip. But doing a little better. Poking into the usual things. General mood is a little down, but there are occassional burst of positivity for which I am quite grateful —nuzzles where appropriate—.

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Date:2005 Nov 01 - 23:15 (UTC)
Naw, you're not old enough. Edna only does that with under tens and over fifties. My grandma, however, became the nurse with the wild sexual appetite.

Wave that glad!