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Yes, I am alive. Things are not perfect. There have been ups… - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Oct 01


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Yes, I am alive.

Things are not perfect. There have been ups and downs. Some expected. Some catching me by surprise. It's all good.

Saw Serenity tonight. Pretty good flick. You get a bit more out of it if you have seen Firefly, but it's an eminently watchable movie anyways. Recommended.

Quick summary of the last little while... server difficulties. Temporary move. More server difficulties. More permanent move. Some place that's actually satisfactory!

Visit from </a></a>thegoodmo! Excellent.

Got to hang around with a couple of other very good people, even though their stays weren't nearly long enough. :|

Couple of new toys. Nothing earthshattering.

Reducing the number of spinning drive platters in the house a bit. Nice to get a net-boot system running. :) and removing redundant, non-useful services.

Work goes well enough, considering it's work. Stress has been fairly manageable in that department.

Some odd emotional swings the last few days. Was doing well for a long time, but something triggered some... unpleasantness. Hopefully I can deal with it better this time. Knowing what's happening and why is a good beginning.

Some more philosophical thoughts will wait for a future entry.

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Date:2005 Oct 02 - 18:39 (UTC)
I loved Serenity too. Saw it with a friend who was in town for a AI conference.
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Date:2005 Oct 08 - 03:47 (UTC)

It's all about Zoë

I'm seeing Serenity tonight. I look forward to the experience, I would have seen it regardless, but thanks to you, I have the backstory to futher my enjoyment. :-D

I hear there's one bad FX foulup... Something to do with Kaylee passing her head through a rocket's exhaust and surviving the experience unscathed. ;-)