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deja - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jul 15


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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:46 (UTC)
Not sure what I am supposed to do. Resgister? What is that graph?

I am feeling very dim witted at the moment.

Also, I take it you went to Baycon this year. Sorry, I thought about it but I was too tired and just didn't go.
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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:52 (UTC)
Well, that site is just my home page, more or less. Everything that I post there pretty much ends up here, so there's no real reason to register there if you don't feel the need. :)

Yeah, I made it to Baycon. Would have been good to see you, but I do understand. Health and maintaining your balance are far more important.

There will be other conventions. :)
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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:56 (UTC)
Oh, and the graphs.

One is current electricity usage for Ontario. I started graphing that after the blackout.

The other is current number of online players in my main game, EVE-Online.