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deja - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jul 15


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Sigh. I hate the whole low-priority field I seem to have some times. Like today. Sense of deja vu... of January, and last April, and the November before that. Different settings, but the story's the same. Feh.

And I lost my keys while cycling home. Well, I recovered them, but it added another 2km to my ride for the backtracking. That's okay, I guess. Extra exercise. :)

Then I got to help blow up an enemy Station in our alliance's territory in EVE. Very uplifting. Some pretty explosions. Maybe if you're very good I'll put a video clip of it up. :)

Have been playing with a Fedora based system. Was much nicer once I put a real package management system on top of it (apt-rpm).

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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:46 (UTC)
Not sure what I am supposed to do. Resgister? What is that graph?

I am feeling very dim witted at the moment.

Also, I take it you went to Baycon this year. Sorry, I thought about it but I was too tired and just didn't go.
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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:52 (UTC)
Well, that site is just my home page, more or less. Everything that I post there pretty much ends up here, so there's no real reason to register there if you don't feel the need. :)

Yeah, I made it to Baycon. Would have been good to see you, but I do understand. Health and maintaining your balance are far more important.

There will be other conventions. :)
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Date:2005 Jul 17 - 00:56 (UTC)
Oh, and the graphs.

One is current electricity usage for Ontario. I started graphing that after the blackout.

The other is current number of online players in my main game, EVE-Online.
Date:2005 Jul 17 - 06:27 (UTC)
Once I get my bike fixed I am going to start a plan to bike for an hour after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the option of adding an extra day on the weekends.

Got my weight down to 154 now, trying to get to 150 and under if possible.