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pride - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jul 04


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Fantastically late, but what the heck. Pictures from Pride in Toronto a week or so ago.

Rather than bore everyone with long posts about all the stuff going on around here the last week, I'll keep things mercifully short.

C++ is interesting, but I can see I'm not going to be ditching Java or PHP for it any time soon on a permanent basis. A lot of C++ hackers do seem to have an attitude about it. I guess you could say the same about ( Java | Perl | PHP | Python | Ruby | VB | ASP ) hackers, too, though.

Working to get finances in order. Coming together, but the last year has not been kind to me. Fortunately, the last couple months have been much better.

If I remember, there's a lengthy internal discourse that might make for entertaining reading later. If I remember. Probably won't.

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