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Been another little break. Lemme see if I can recap the last week or so...

The air conditioner repaired (again), before the worst of the heatwave hit. Done correctly this time, though it cost a bit more. Works a treat now. Hudson's quite pleased now.

Went to paintball practise yesterday. A little stiff, but not sore, today. Was a good workout and stuff. Nice to hang with Bil et. al again.

Work is work. It's all good. I could rant for some time about finding some really really nasty (I'm talking about The Daily WTF-worthy stuff. In particular, screen-long, multiply-rats-nested ternary expressions that were up to no good. But I excised them, and I'm much happier with the result. Whether I'll actually get to check the stuff in is another matter.

It'll be amusing to see what happens with the 2005H1 performance reviews. The obligatory "evaluate yourself" mail came last week, and I dutifully (or is that Dilbert-fully) filled it in. I will be amused to see what shows up in the real review. Considering I've seen my actual nominal manager maybe a half-dozen times in the 2 months (as of Saturday) I've been here. I think I'm being under-utilised, but haven't figured out how to rectify that within the corp. Yet.

Have gotten a little bit of momentum and drive to start working on one of my PHP projects again. Had to do a bit of cogitation on it, though. Deciding what I really wanted to do. I contemplated switching the thing over to Ruby or Python. Then realised that was just stalling. Also decided to move ahead with this one because all the other projects that have been thrown in my face recently really don't appeal much to me or are just stopgaps for completing this one. Whereas this one is something that I want to see happen.

mmmmmmmm, del.icio.us... Now, combine that with my site cloud and ideas for RSS, and maybe we'll have something interesting...

This weekend is Northern Ink Exposure. I'm probably going to drop by at least one day. See who's there. Whose work impresses me. I'm getting another itch to do a bit more.

Finally, I went and did a major rebuild of the selection of tunage on my Neuros. 2700 tracks. Now, I've realised I need to go and do some automated retagging of the mp3info slugs. Well, since I'm quite good with my filenaming conventions, it should be largely automatable.

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