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Thirty days goes by pretty quickly. At work, at home, and all the bits of street in between. Actually, more than thirty days now. Friday is the end of the fifth week of the new job.

It's going reasonably well, I guess. Not in any danger of being let go, which is definitely a good place to start. The last week has been pretty engrossing, but probably futile in the overall scheme of things. Heh. I've been optimising some four year old code to generate a 60 meg HTML file. Yes, it's insane. But the customer insists on wanting to run this particular report using this particular method. So I get to do some fun profiling and tweaking... without actually being able to do what should be done — some major re-engineering of the generation framework. I've just about hit the limit of what I can do. Which means onto the next, less interesting problems.

Seems like I'm having to train a whole new ISP now. Look seems to have no better way of handling a simple, straightforward, request (to switch my DSL profile to "interleaved") than THT.net did. Curse Bell for losing my original profile. Curse THT for bailing in the unprofessional way they did. And curse Look for not being able to deal with either of these others in an effective manner.

But that's all well and good. A little spring cleaning this weekend, and work on Monday. Yeah, it's Victoria Day here, which should mean a long weekend. I'm working the Monday so I can take the Wednesday as my travel day to Baycon. That'll be fun.

A couple of recent kuro5hin articles have really been useful. They've put a particular set of reactions into proper focus. Now, to modify behaviour to compensate for them a bit. Shouldn't be too hard.

Money's tight, but day to day is okay. Bit of a hole to crawl out from the Unemployment. I have a plan there, too. An incremental, stable, sustainable plan.

And a new toy.

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