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2005 Apr 12


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Saw my GI specialist today. Went over the result of my upper GI in January and the colonoscopy I had a couple weeks back. Nothing too surprising. I have close to textbook Crohns disease, of course (not news). Last 18cm of my ileum (last segment of the small intestine) and the sigmoid colon (next-to-last section of the large intestine). Inflamation and hardening of the ileum, signs of ulceration of the sigmoid. Minor fistula (hole) between the two.

None of this is particularly news, though I'd hoped the fistula had healed itself in the few years since it was noted; not likely, but it was possible. Regardless, my symptoms (bar the last two weeks) have been relatively minor. Nothing chronic, just some episodic and occassional problems. Which pleased the specialist well enough. I'm not anemic, I'm not losing weight, I'm not malnourished. I'm not in constant discomfort. All good things.

After a little discussion (I like this guy; he's not patronizing and appreciates that I've done some research but wants to fill in some blanks and so on), I got a new acid control medication (for the occassional hyperacidity that can irritate the small intestine some times), and increased my dosage of Pentasa (5-ASA or Mesalamine). Certainly no need to do a course of steroids, immuno-supressive of cancer-fighting-derived medications.

Silently, I made myself a promise to be better at adhering to the diet choices that make life with Crohn's easier. I definitely don't go the whole way to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but I definitely use elements of it (have been since diagnosed in the early 1990s) and use it as a checklist when things are a bit worse.

So, a reasonably good day. Would prefer to have heard "it's all gone!" but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Hmmmm, today's patching day on EVE, too. Much fun to watch the flailing and ranting on the forums as people realise that things have changed (here if the site's still patching for ya).

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