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snowkilt - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Apr 01


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On Friday (eek, over a week ago now; I am behind) </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>chrissawyer came by for a visit. Much fun was had, including use of the development's pool and hottub and of course foodening. We even ended up at a Coldstone Creamery that didn't have any obvious entrance. Eventually we got inside, but it took a couple of orbits to realise the non-descript door was actually the correct one. Chris did a couple little doodles in my book — quite awesome the short time he puts into it for the quality that comes out. :)

In the evening, </a></a>kishorwolf arrived. Er... eventually. Poor folfy tried to be smart, but ended up going a bit out of his way. In the end, though, he did arrive. We spent the evening talking a bit and snuggling. Nice folfy.

Saturday we had to ourselves. So, what did we do? Well, first we slept in way late. Then we headed out to the Living Desert. Yeah, I was there earlier with my mom, but I liked it so much, I enjoyed doing it again, and Kishor had never been, despite it being in the next canyon over from his place, more or less. We said hi to all the woofies and other furry types (most of which were nonplussed in the warmth of midday).

The Living Desert has a massive train set: a half-mile of track. I had a childhood fascination with trains (still fascinating to me now) — just ask my mom, and she'll happily tell embarrassing stories from my childhood. Kishor had a similar fascination, so we spent a lot of time ogling the layouts and the detail in the displays.

Ate too much on Saturday then went over to Kishor's to hang with his housemates. Also ran into furfragged there, which was a very nice and nifty surprise. Kaysho and </a></a>kayotae showed up a bit later than expected, but that's mostly okay. Later on, once things wound down a bit sleep and snuggling was had. As well as exposure to more Wrongness from adult swim: Robot Chicken. Just Wrong.

On Sunday... heehee. It was 30C/85F in Palm Springs. After lunch at the Blue Coyote and kilted up (except Kaysho), headed up the Aerial Tramway a few thousand feet up the side of Mt San Jacinto. It was quite a bit cooler there... and the four feet of snow helped a lot too. We frolicked and tramped and made fools of ourselves in the snow, with snowball fights and all of that. Yes there are pictures (see next rock).

After all of that we needed food. My mom wanted to do some semblance of an Easter dinner. Was "just a casual little thing" she said. Yeah. Well, it was, sort of. By our standards. But it was still good eating and good company.

That evening Kaysho and Kayotae had to leave, followed (way too early) the next morning by Kishor. :|

Monday saw a bit of relaxing. A couple of EVE people were in the area, so we had lunch and wandered the strip in Palm Springs a bit, but they couldn't stay too long.

Tuesday morning, back to an airport and a few hours later back home.

Continued next rock. With pictures!

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