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timeshare - Musings of Unayok

2005 Apr 01


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Okay, time to fill in some of the last week and a half.

After Lunacon was finished and done, I spend the night crashing at Max's in the north end of Manhattan (Inwood). Chatted with him and his housemates a bit, etc. Next day it was time to head off to LaGuardia for the next flight. The airport bus was late. Traffic was horrible. But I allowed a lot of extra time, so it wasn't a problem. Anal retentive security at LGA was more an annoyance than anything else. A big annoyance.

Changing planes in Dallas is fun, especially when you decide to take a detour and end up being just a smidgen behind your expected schedule. Fortunately I made my flight time, though not by much. Off to Palm Springs I went.

My mom was in a timeshare for the month and since I didn't get to visit her in Mexico the last couple of times she was there, I made an extra planning effort to spend some time with her this year in Palm Springs. Having </a></a>kishorwolf, </a></a>kayotae, </a></a>kaysho, and </a></a>chrissawyer within driving distance and expressing eagerness to come visit the Lab certainly helped make the trip a success.

During the week, I spent my time with my mom. We went to a couple cultural museums and learned some interesting things about the natives in the area (btw, odd fact: in the US, no one seems to blinks at the use of "Indian". In Canada, "Indian" has a status roughly equivalent to "n!gger" — very bad form. Use "native", "first nation" or "aboriginal", please).

My mom and I also did a little driving around, looking at various places. One place we went was the Living Desert which was quite fascinating. I also introduced her to Trader Joes. She approved.

Though it was good to hang with my mom a bit there was one significant problem. No internet! Except really really crappy dialup. I mean, effective throughput of 10-15kbps crappy. Still, I managed to survive; there was certainly enough to do.

All of that filled up Tuesday through Thursday. Continued on next rock.

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Date:2005 Apr 02 - 15:09 (UTC)
>...btw, odd fact: in the US, no one seems to blinks at the use of "Indian". In Canada, "Indian" has a status roughly equivalent to "n!gger" — very bad form. Use "native", "first nation" or "aboriginal", please...

There seems to be no single word which will please everyone, as well as no single word which will not offend everyone. If it were just descendants of non-aboriginal migrants who used the term, certainly there would be merit to try to change public opinion. However, it's as much if not more so the fault of the first nation native aboriginals, many of whom embrace and promote the misnomer "Indian," with many others who scoff at any term which is not the precise name of their particular nation/ethnicity.

Meanwhile, it seems still perfectly acceptable to hear "white man," as divisive and inaccurate as anything. I could frankly care less what somebody calls my ethnicity, so long as we can deal fairly with one another as individuals. A factor beyond volitional control such as someone's heritage may affect the way they see the world, but it doesn't have to affect the way I treat them.

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Date:2005 Apr 02 - 15:20 (UTC)
Largely, I agree. I was pointing out differences in usage of words between there and here more than trying to make any other deeper thought.

I try to deal with people as individuals without boxing them into a stereotype at first sight. But then, I'm fairly atypical; I actually like to think about things rather than doing the minimal cogitation and falling back on pre-thought shortcuts. I also don't usually like going on about my own ancestry. It's who I am that's important to dealing with me, not who my parents or ancestors were.

Some people put themselves into boxes before I can get to know them, though. This can happen because this is just the way they were treated as they grew up and generated their reaction patterns. It can also be a learned defensive reaction -- it allows them to be defensive and offers them an excuse for otherwise rude and inappropriate behaviour/words.

Words are funny things. They have so much power. People give them that power.


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Date:2005 Apr 05 - 18:32 (UTC)
Very good to see you! And if you've introduced your Mum to Trader Joe's, you've performed all the valuable public services necessary for one trip. :)