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pain - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Apr 01


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Just a short entry.

I'm home.

I had a great time. Pictures and details soon.

I'm in considerable discomfort.

Today was a hospital day where I got my insides more thoroughly poked and prodded than they've been in over a decade. And I'm definitely feeling the consequences. So, if I get a bit short in IMs or something it's definitely not anything personal. Hopefully this should be better by tomorrow.

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Date:2005 Apr 01 - 07:05 (UTC)
Aw! Sorry you are sick!

Was nice seeing you...
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Date:2005 Apr 02 - 01:59 (UTC)
definitely was good seeing you again. ;)

No, I've not forgotten. I'll have it scanned in tonight some time, probably.

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Date:2005 Apr 01 - 22:11 (UTC)


Reading a bit of LJ again. Sorry to hear you are sick -- what with?


P.S.: My first reaction was to wonder whether you, with no job, had health insurance; I forgot that you live in a more civilized country than my own. %-}
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Date:2005 Apr 02 - 01:59 (UTC)

Re: Hello

Well, I ended up with a cold somewhere along the line, but the bulk of the problems were from the colonoscopy. Ugh. Ungood. Well, it came out okay, but the after effects are... unpleasant to be sure.