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Hmmm, no call today on the interview I've been waiting for for a bit. Well, not waiting for, really, as I'm plugging along with other applications as well.

Last night I ended up on WoW for a little bit, with one of the old crew. Was kind of fun. Too bad I need to suspend the account this week. Just can't justify it money-wise. Still, it was a nice change.

I just realised a couple of things about my upcoming trip. First, I'm in Palm Springs over the White Party weekend (not going to link to the annoying all-flash home page). Can't afford tickets... but maybe I'll end up at one of the satellite parties or something. Hopefully with Kishor or Kaysho or something. 'twould be fun.

Second... the timeshare my mom's in doesn't have highspeed of any sort! I'll need some dialup, unless there's an open AP in range (unlikely). Ideas on a disposable very very very very cheap dialup ISP in the area would be helpful.

And now, some random linkages...

Virtual Sweatshops for Virtual Worlds.

The day the Toons escaped Disney's grid.

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