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naissance - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Mar 13


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Yep. That's today. Been a while since I actually mentioned my birthday on the day in question, but I figured it was time for a bit of a change.

I've had a couple of nice little presents. The cutely kitschy card shown here from my grandparents (always nice to hear from them, love them to pieces). </a></a>kaysho paid my LJ subscription for a year (major snuggage). Of course, my mom gets top marks. She's paying most of the airfare and stuff for me to get to Lunacon this year, followed by a week in Palm Springs, where I'll get to visit her for a bit. Seems likely that I'll spend no small amount of time with </a></a>kishorwolf and possibly even </a></a>chrissawyer and </a></a>kaysho, too. It will be fun, and a nice change from here.

The sun is out, which lights up the room here nicely. The fourfoot is lounging in the sunbeam (lucky dog). On Friday, I finally heard back about the biopsy. Fairly good news. hyperplastic penile lesion they called it. Rare, but not considered malignant. Further, the full removal he had done is considered curative for it too. So a little bit of additional good news. Hudson's continued presence is a great gift.

A couple friends were supposed to drop by yesterday. Was kind of a stealth celebration — I didn't dress it up as anything more than having a couple friends over. However, they decided to bail, so... I cleaned the bathroom. Been a long time since it had a really good complete clean. Well, almost complete clean. Looks much better now.

Today... well, not too much planned at this point; low budget = low key for the most part. Some tidying up around here, get some stuff ready for the trip, and play a bit on EVE. Talk to a few friends tonight, perhaps.

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Date:2005 Mar 13 - 20:47 (UTC)
Bonne fete!
[User Picture]
Date:2005 Mar 13 - 21:17 (UTC)
Just taking the time to wish ya a Happy Pup Day Una, from da Badger and I *big huggles*
[User Picture]
Date:2005 Mar 14 - 05:51 (UTC)
Happy Birthday :) Hope to see ya when you're out here!
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Date:2005 Mar 15 - 23:05 (UTC)
Yay! Happy Birthday! Have fun with another year of consolidated bloggage. :)