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communication - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Mar 12


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Date:2005 Mar 15 - 17:10 (UTC)
I definitely want to communicate. That involves listening, comprehending, speaking and sharing on both our parts. Definitely want communication.

I'm here, ready to communicate — have been since the day after you bolted. If you want to "just deal", then there's nothing much I can do beyond that in return. The ball really is in your court here.

For detail of my reasoning and timing, please see the post that is locked for your eyes only. Then, if you still want to have a discussion in public, that's fine. I posted more privately to see how much could be resolved without (further) public drama.

Our mutual friends are showing quite a reassuring maturity in wanting to not get involved. I don't want to involve them in any case. This should just be between you and me.

I really didn't want things to get to this point, but communication has always been a problem between us.

I am willing to mend things. I don't know if you are.


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Date:2005 Mar 15 - 17:21 (UTC)
and locks can be easily changed back.