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continues - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Mar 10


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A couple random links to start. Well, semi-random. I like Google, though I don't like how much they seem to want to embrace everything (CY2038 cookies and gmail are a couple examples). Even so, they do have some very neat and hackable goodness.

First: a reminder of the flexibility of the main search engine: cheatsheet

Second: make your own interactive maps, linking in pictures or video or whatever. Very very very nifty. xml+firefox goodness

On the non-linkability side...

I was supposed to have a phone interview yesterday. They were having some scheduling conflicts, and it keeps getting put back. The job sounds rather interesting and a very good fit with my abilities and such. Hopefully they're more organised once I start down the pipeline. Not that I'm expecting anything to come of this one; I've been down interview pipelines many times in the last few months.

As a result of last week's visit to the animal Hospital for Hudson, the house got a modest rearrangement over the weekend. He definitely approves of the new arrangement, and I think I do too. Now that I'm in that mode, I'm considering what else might be done around here that doesn't involve any expenditures of money. Given the other recent micro-drama, the options were broadened a little bit. A couple interesting possibilities arise.

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