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Played with another nifty little thing over the weekend: Freevo. It's a nice little framework for building Tivo-like boxen, with extra knobs on. I have a video capture/playback box at my place, so this works out well. I don't have the IR bits for controlling by remote control, or adjusting the channel from Freevo, but the guide is more responsive and useful than the one ExpressVu provides, and it gives nice access to the stored video I have on my LAN.

Prior to this I had set up a nice batch of hand-crafted shell scripts using 'dialog' for something very similar to this, but Freevo got the tough work of using pygame, SDL and twisted to come up with something that's very visually appealling. The scripts worked well. But I think the housemate will appreciate using the remote (whenever I get around to buying/building an IR transceiver; the keyboard navigation is fine, but not that different to using the scripts).

I should even be able to get it to work with my Buz card to do timeshifting (which is even more TiVo-like).

I haven't worked with Python much, but it's an interesting language. Already made some modifications to the code, and will probably end up creating a couple of plugins for it, for things that I want to see. :)

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