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more - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jan 26


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Date:2005 Feb 13 - 17:37 (UTC)

*nuzzles and licks*

Thank you for the enjoyable romp. I had lots of fun that weekend. I always have fun and get to experience new sights and sounds with you. Hehe! That steakhouse was neat! Soo much beef stew!!!! *licks chops* :P

Awesome to meet new furends as well and hang out with them, that coffee shop was neat! :D

Thank you for the unforgettable time and thank you for my gift too! *tail wags* Tho my cell phone still doesn't like it. :P Refurbished my rump! ^.^

*hugs tightly and muchly*

Take care kyoot lab!

-Kish Folf