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Well, I'm back home now. The last couple of weeks have been pretty fun. I wrote a bit about FC (of course, missing out mentioning many people, but it was a fun convention). The week was mostly quiet; I got to subject </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>kayotae to Invader Zim, and Shadowcat8 to Venture Brothers. I can be evil. Also did get some job hunting done (thanks to the Intarweb) and shipped off what I needed to (one kickass but large piece of art found its way to Florida and something much smaller headed NYC-ward).

Over this weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with </a></a>kishorwolf. That was a very pleasant experience. Wasn't super-hectic, but we did get to see a few people.

Had dinner on Friday at Taylor's Steak House. Taylor's is a moderately nice steak house, so you don't go there wearing jeans. We wore our kilts and were joined by </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>shadowolf. Dinner was sufficiently good, and in large enough portions to fill the bellies of all the participants. The most amusing moment of the evening came after most of the foodening. The server had been very very pleasant and conversational through the meal. She came over, and began to recite the "desserts" (not "stressed" :P ) off. "Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake..." she continued down the list, glanced over at Kishor, and finished with "Dog Collar". Much lounging and stuff after dinner. Hard to move around much after a big feed like that.

Saturday was mostly bombing around, getting to the bank and doing a few other little things. Spent the evening over at </a></a>chrissawyer's with </a></a>yasha_taur, with kaysho and kishor (of course). Hottubbage, reasonably good but inexpensive chinese food and much good conversation and scritchage.

The evening was not without a few bad moments. Nothing I could control; something that was coming but came sooner than I'd been planning on. It'll come up in a future entry. Beyond my control, and with some support from some good friends... survivable. Though not a transition I'm likely to forget.

Sunday started even more lazily. Kishor made noises about leaving early but he didn't seem to gather much momentum until much later. Things got delayed even more than expected for him when he found out that </a></a>kayotae was going to celebrate surviving yet another weekend at the Academy by visiting the Fox and Hounds pub. It's always a good time, and it was yet again. </a></a>kenket, </a></a>gatkat, chris-sawyer and </a></a>yasha_taur were in attendance, as were </a></a>shadowolf as well as one of Kayotae's non-furry buddies. We were nice. We didn't spook him too much, I think.

Eventually Kishor had to leave (after prodding by the repsonsible alpha and kaysho too). The evening didn't last all that much longer, but was still quite fun, with much bistromathics at the end of it. Eddie mentioned that he was going to be spending some time in Fresno. Much effort was taken in explaining to him what he should be expecting. He also mentioned that it might end up being Sanger. After all the explanation, I managed to sum up Sanger to the satisfaction of all present: "Sanger is Fresno's Fresno".

After the pub, went, packed, got things co-ordinated for the next day, then reluctantly slept.

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