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Monday rolled around inevitably, and Brig had to depart for his home. I had a good time hanging with him, look forward to more. I enjoyed watching him relax a bit as the con went on. I even got him into a kilt on Saturday evening for the parties. It's nice to feel a really substantial bi-directional trust, as opposed to the asymmetrical ones that seem to feature prominently elsewhere.

We took US 101 south instead of I-5 on account of much damage to the latter during the recent rains. Most of the trip was fine. The scenery is nice, and we found a fun little coffee shop in San Luis Obispo. Once we got to Santa Barbara, the luck changed. With the landslide well lit after dark, people were rubbernecking and with the extra traffic from the holiday Monday and the overflow from all the other people saying "I-5 will be a mess; I'll just take the 101!"... well, it took us over 2 hours to go about 15 miles. Once we passed the slide site, the road cleared as if nothing had happened and we made it the last 80 miles safely and quickly.

Now, the con is over, but not forgotten. I have pictures, memories. A few strengthened and restrengthened friendships, and a few new friends as well. And my trip isn't over yet.

Oh, and pictures.

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