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Thursday was largely a warm-up day for the con. Did some scouting of the territory, and ran into a few good furs. The overland route across the roof and the poolside second level patio was all closed off for repairs from the recent heavy rains. That sucked badly, cause it's such a neat place, and it makes getting from the lobby to the party floor much easier. Still, nothing we could do about that.

Ended up back at the hotel room to wait for Brig to show up. He had a rather hellish second flight, including a 2 hour additional delay in Dallas. But eventually he made it. He seemed a bit nervous, though it was fairly well hidden. Didn't take him too long to relax though. Well, the alcohol helped a bit, I think. On the way to dinner, though, he remained outside while we went in to grab some Gun Oil. LOL

The League of Evil Geniuses (</a></a>loeg) party on Friday provided a useful outlet for energy and time. I've done set up for this party many times, so I have a good idea where I'm useful and where I'm not. Brig helped out too, which was good of him; let him get to know </a></a>bovil and </a></a>kproche more, and meet </a></a>lobolance as well.

At the party itself something not heard of for quite some time happened. I spent an evening at parties at a con not in a kilt. "Horrors!" I hear you say. Well, Brig and I ended up doing the party as 'evil henchmen', and those generally don't wear kilts. Fat Bastard notwithstanding; I don't think either of us qualify for that.

Dealers room, artshow... fun stuff, but on a deliberately limited budget, not as much fun as it might have been. Fortunately, I ran into </a></a>kishorwolf more than once, and made sure he was properly attired for the con. ;)

Hmmm, who else... too many to name exhaustively, of course, but </a></a>dogzrbarkin, </a></a>klandagi, </a></a>baja_hyena, </a></a>tigerman, kyska, </a></a>foxpalmer, </a></a>chrispardus, Furfragged, </a></a>forsoleil, </a></a>shadowolf, </a></a>aerowolf... and of course </a></a>dominowuff and Pup.

Saturday saw me back in the correct (kilted) attire, and assisting </a></a>bovil and </a></a>kproche... er... lubricate (NO, not like that) Heather Alexander's group Uffington Horse with miscellaneous whiskeys.

Parties on all nights were relatively sparse. This is something I've noticed about fur conventions. There are usually much fewer open parties than at comparably-sized SF conventions and rather more private/closed parties. Since I'm obviously not in most of the furry sub-cliques I don't get invited to most of the closed parties. But I'm not a complete outsider, and there's more than enough trouble to get into without worrying why the dance is empty at 0100 or why the Evil Genius party didn't even manage to get through 3 cases of alcohol.

The con was generally quite good, I think. A small amount of possible drama was avoided by application of FIDO and the SEP field. If nothing else, 2005 is seeing me more able to apply both of those.

I had a great time, though I suspect Brig and I annoyed many people with our Zim quotes.

I didn't get to spend as much time with Kishor as I would have liked (well, that's hardly a surprise). Being a con, of course this is likely to happen. Especially with someone as generally scritchable/loveable as Kishor is. Knowing that I would get to spend a good period with him soon made it fun to sit back and watch him bounce around a bit.

Also didn't get to spend much time with Domino and Pup as I'd have liked. They're so very cool. I was able to help out a bit there, though. :wags: I think I did good, and we'll get to hang some time in the future, I'm sure.

Many other furs it would have been cool to spend more time with. But cons are like that and I don't let it worry me. There will other cons, and other gatherings. Other meetings.

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