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FC-bound - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jan 19


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Date:2005 Jan 26 - 06:12 (UTC)

Re: Bay Area trip

I did try calling the number I had, but no luck. Not sure whether that was mobile or land line.

And I'm not sure what the problem with voicemail was. At the hotel I know it's a bit much 'cause I keep switching networks that I roam on, and AT&T Wireless doesn't seem to like my number all that much. But I can't tie the phone down to a single network for long. The Doubletree is a very unusual hotel for cell phone coverage, considering its location near an airport.

Neither Boston nor Columbus are particularly close. :|

Given the way things worked out during the weekend, I'm not surprised it didn't work out. Though, of course, I would have preferred that it would have. :)

I'm still trying to plan for Baycon...