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Flew to Dallas then LAX. Flights were quite acceptable. A couple minutes late getting out of Dallas, but nothing untoward, well within tolerances.

Landing at LAX... was not the end of the flight, it appears. For 45 minutes, we sat out on the taxiway, waiting for other planes to get out of the way. After that, we finally deplaned (what an odd word)... disembarked. Now for the luggage. Yep, another 45 minute wait. Then the drive up to </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>kayotae's place. Add all that in, and all the other little bits, and it took nearly as long to get the last 35 miles as it did to get from Dallas.

Still, I didn't complain much; it was very good to be in such good company again. Until we got back to kaysho's...

My notebook then decided it didn't have a partition table any longer. or rather, it did, only it had rather random data in it. This is somewhat disappointing. I'd only had the drive a week or so. Fortunately, I always travel with my Linux Bootable Business Card, so I had all the tools I needed to rebuild the partition table. Except gpart doesn't directly give parameters useful to any of the fdisk utils, and there's a slight anomaly with the setup that wouldn't let gpart directly write it. Still, that wasn't too bad, just had to do the translations myself. Took an hour or so, but it was an interesting challenge to get it right, and I was back up and running in time to chat a bit with Brig.

I made a back up of the actual partition table on another machine. Once bitten. Fortunately, all the key data on the notebook is rsync'd to my RAID array at regular intervals now (i.e. just before I left home) so it was more inconvenience than actual disaster.

The trip up to SJC was mostly uneventful. It was amusing for the first part as </a></a>kayotae and I both had our laptops out and were doing different things. Kayotae was busily posting to his own LJ, while I watched a movie and played a little llxdoom — nothing quite like the classics.

That was all well and good until we blew the car adapter/splitter. Then we had to make do with conversation and such. Still, it worked well enough. Got into the hotel very late, and promptly decided on sleep.

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