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fin - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Feb 23


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This week saw me achieve closure of a sort with Kilanon. I usually don't like the word 'closure', but in this case, it is appropriate, for the result wasn't a resolution, but... 'closure'.

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Date:2003 Feb 26 - 19:08 (UTC)


It started as being polite and letting you know he was gone as I cleaned up a spill in the comp area (under the keyboard).
As its my machine, I did not figure he'd mind if I AFK'ed him since he hadn't.
The conversation was an outgrowth of that AFK message. You knew it was me as soon as you asked who was AFKing him..so why the attitude?

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Date:2003 Feb 26 - 19:21 (UTC)

Re: ahem

I knew he was AFK already. He had told me such. I was leaving him a message to read when he got back.

Attitude? I don't see it as such; I think it's rather impolite to use someone else's IM account for any purpose without permission. That's all.

And in any case, it matters little in the long run.


Date:2003 Mar 01 - 13:30 (UTC)

Re: ahem

He knew,I told him I was telling folks he was AFK as he went out and I was cleaning. I also told you. The attitude was the assumption it was 'without permission' or knowledge.
Not looking for an issue, just being exact on the details.
If there was more of that, less missunderstanding would occur.