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same - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2005 Jan 07


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Date:2005 Jan 09 - 01:16 (UTC)

Am I among the guilty?

I hope not, but...

I am hoping that you will be in the area for more than just the 3-day weekend, as zahraa and I are going to Seattle to visit a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. :-(

Let me know.


P.S.: Sorry the job search isn't going better?
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Date:2005 Jan 09 - 09:30 (UTC)

Re: Am I among the guilty?

One of the guilty? Not really. Well, not from my perspective; I can't offer you blanket "innocent" status. ;) I do think one of us owes the other a phone call, though...

I am in SJC area from late Wednesday through Monday noon-ish only, I'm afraid. Would be cool to hang wi'ya. But I can understand other needs. (This sort of echoes a recurring theme. Many of the specific instances I look at have reasonable explanations for why I don't get many cycles -- and that's not really the problem. It's in aggregate (that it seems near universal) that it becomes disheartening).