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2005 Jan 07


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I leave for FC next week. It will be fantastic get to spend time with </a></a>kishorwolf, </a></a>kayotae, </a></a>kaysho, </a></a>bovil, </a></a>kproche (among others), and I'm definitely looking forward to hanging with Brig. Fortunately, the airfare was cheap, hotel will be cheap, and I can keep a tight control on the rest of the costs. It is reassuring to have some who understand things, and are truly supportive. Usually it's the other way around, so this is a bit.. odd.

I spent a bit of time the last week or so rewriting my video processing pipeline (in anticipation of archiving-to-digital my old videotape collection before it dies). Now, I've contributed code and effort in the past to the MJPEG-square utilities, and it's a good toolset. I also use transcode and xvid for the final encoding passes.

Recently, a new denoising filter was added to the MJPEG tools. It's very good for videotape captures, but very very slow. I can't be buying new hardware so I'm stuck with what I've got. Since there are several steps in the processing of a captured video, I did the next best thing. I concocted a utility (really a set of bash scripts) that make use of the multiple machines. Each machine does one or more of the steps and passes the data on to the next. This was frustrating, because I ran into some very unusual problems in piping data from ssh to ssh session. I ended up using netcat for the data transfer and the ssh scripts for the control channel.

It all works well. But still slow. Slow I don't mind. Glacial... is another thing. I'll have to play with some parameters. I know I'm being way too aggressive there. More than I need to.

Things in Eve continue on. Right now, the alliance I'm with currently has been visited by a set of corps that split off from the alliance that I was (through no active choice of my own) a part of. There's an amusing irony. Of the corps that split from that alliance and came by Syndicate, thinking we were a soft target (Not quite!) is one I'm familiar with. It's the corp that absorbed many of the members of my old corp about the time that I was abruptly removed from in the Fit of Pointless Drama in November. It's quite amusing to hear a primary target call for (name withheld) in Teamspeak.

And... about EVE... I may have some neat news in a few weeks. We'll have to see.

I'm trying to remain upbeat and stuff. But of course it's not all so. In many ways, 2005 is starting out about the same way that 2004 ended; not that surprising really. "Falling through the cracks of other people's priorities" is the general (and unsurprising) summary — commitments made and bailed on; repayments still outstanding after promised; and on and on. Some of it bothers me, but an increasing percentage of it just doesn't make an impact any more. Calluses growing on my psyche, I guess. Is this a good thing? I expect I'll find out in time.

Still... getting some of the money would be nice. Places I'm talking with about work all express interest and then go quiet with no confirmation either way about stuff. —rolls eyes— that's the most frustrating part. And no one seems interested in me in a more junior position either (I have too much leadership exposure, apparently). So... I continue looking... and continue getting more and more conservative with cash outflow.

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Date:2005 Jan 09 - 01:16 (UTC)

Am I among the guilty?

I hope not, but...

I am hoping that you will be in the area for more than just the 3-day weekend, as zahraa and I are going to Seattle to visit a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. :-(

Let me know.


P.S.: Sorry the job search isn't going better?
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Date:2005 Jan 09 - 09:30 (UTC)

Re: Am I among the guilty?

One of the guilty? Not really. Well, not from my perspective; I can't offer you blanket "innocent" status. ;) I do think one of us owes the other a phone call, though...

I am in SJC area from late Wednesday through Monday noon-ish only, I'm afraid. Would be cool to hang wi'ya. But I can understand other needs. (This sort of echoes a recurring theme. Many of the specific instances I look at have reasonable explanations for why I don't get many cycles -- and that's not really the problem. It's in aggregate (that it seems near universal) that it becomes disheartening).

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Date:2005 Jan 11 - 00:39 (UTC)
Here's hoping you have a relaxing and on-time flight tomorrow. :)