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yule - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Dec 26


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Date:2004 Dec 27 - 21:53 (UTC)

It lives!

Nice to hear from you in this venue again (not that I am really one to talk).

Sorry about the job disappointments. Which one of those was the one you'd been trying to talk yourself out of, due to the commute?


P.S.: Who's your "Z"...?
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Date:2004 Dec 28 - 12:56 (UTC)

Re: It lives!

"Z" is one of the housemates. Pretty cool guy overall. Of course, no one's perfect.

No, the one I was trying to talk myself out of sort of just disappeared in the year end budget crunch a while earlier. So no real action required on my part.

Psst. I'm in SJ in mid-January for a few days.