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clunk - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Nov 18


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Well... in the end... it was not to be.

I'm not at Midwest Furfest after all. Transportation became problematic. I was heavily divided on going in any case, not sure who was going to be there or what would happen. Saving some money is also a good thing. But I'm sure I would have had an excellent time if I'd gone.

Work possibilities remain in limbo. One intriguing possibility involves going to Bermuda for 2-3 years. Really divided on that one. It's a small, not particularly energetic place. And expensive. But it would pay rather well. But the fit for the position is... not perfect. Blah. We will see. Very complicated issue that. The other ones are all still in a holding pattern.

Have been watching a bit of Venture Brothers, a rough send-up of the old Johnny Quest, among other things. Amusing and mostly watchable, but not really a keeper, like Invader Zim seems to be destined to be.

The rest of things have been rather uneven as well. But today is a bit better. Or was, until the end of the MFF possibilities. Fortunately, I've been able to focus on the PHP project just a tiny bit. I think I'm past the worst of the architectural blockages now. We'll see.

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