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It's been a little while since I've updated. Sorry if I've missed anything in recent LJs. I had almost 200 friends entries to read, and I ended up skimming for the most important bits. It's very likely I missed something.

A few very excellent things have happened recently. It's hard to talk about it. Some of you have heard portions of it, but it's unlikely to be mentioned in public places. :)

Work search continues. Somewhat upbeat on that score. Second interviews this week at two separate places. Both downtown, though I think I have a slight preference for one position over the other. Another job, a goodly commute north of the city, is delayed a couple of months. That's probably a good thing, as I'm less enthused about that one than the other two I interviewed for this week.

In-game is quite likely to go through a bit of a transformation the next couple of weeks, given that the big EVE-Online expansion (EVE-Online: Exodus) is being released mid-month. Lots of things are going to be changing in EVE soon.

Haven't heard from </a></a>augie_hyena recently, but hopefully that's because he's on his way back to the States. Similar silence from a couple others, as well, but that's not too surprising either.

Currently, I'm sort of leaning towards not going to MFF. Depends who else is going that I will want to spend significant time with. So far, I haven't heard of too many. Doesn't mean they aren't going; just that I've not heard about it. Might be good to save some money, though.

My mother's visit was enjoyable. A week is just about the right amount of time. She's handling her illness well, and has most of her weight back now, and looks quite good. Age catches us all eventually.

Saw Rat Pack last Saturday. Not really my thing, but it was still mostly enjoyable. Except for the head of the lady in front of me. :)

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