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42870571 - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Oct 12


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Monday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. We don't usually do much celebration of the tradition. This year, I almost just let it pass — it's not been a year brimming with things to be overly thankful for. But in the end, I did. There's been enough. And this is about what you do have to be thankful for, not what you don't. That's what ex-mas is for. :P

</a></a>okana came for a visit over the weekend. Always a good time having him around, if nice and quiet.

Air conditioner motor replacement is in and installed, though not wired. Still need to figure out how badly I'm likely to cock it up.

I'm looking forward to next week. That could definitely be fun.

I've been doing some PHP work for a website. I can't talk about my involvement much. Definitely not yet, at least. But it's fun to be doing something productive again. It's even appreciated which makes it even better and a bit... unusual.

{{Thinking ahead to MFF. Definitely wanting to go. Room reserved... Now... getting there... hm.

</a></a>augie_hyena's coming back to North America soon. —wagwags— Even if he doesn't make it in time for MFF.

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Date:2004 Oct 12 - 20:51 (UTC)


At least your T-Day is free of the Squanto-give-corn imagery, as described by Jon Carroll. %-}

What does that string of numbers mean?


P.S.: Do you *need* an air conditioner, in Toronto, in October?
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Date:2004 Oct 12 - 22:57 (UTC)

About MFF

Hey Unay - I want to go to MFF, but haven't done much towards booking a room or getting a membership. It looks like I would be best to drive there after work (at 3 pm ) to get in at around 10 pm. I will likely take the Monday off from work though, and might be able to visit with Rollie if things work out, so I'd be coming back, but not be too set to a schedule.

Flights and trains and such were awkward for timing as far as I could see.

So, first, if you'd like to accompany me in my car, you are welcome. It might be most efficient for you to get a bus or something here first, and I can probably bring you back to Toronto on the return. London's bus and train are downtown, and it would be easy to meet.

Second, I don't have a room, so if you wouldn't mind splitting some space with me, that woudl be great for me!

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other questions!