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Okay, now I'm back in Toronto, after my successful trips.

I had a lot of fun in LA, and I'm not planning on quite as thorough a trip report as the one I had for Worldcon. However, a few things are worth noting.

Thursday, I got to hang out for a while with </a></a>alohawolf. That was cool. He has been doing a lot of thinking about his convention (Califur) and wanted to bounce a few ideas around. I was more than happy to provide some limited feedback.

In the evening, I ended up hanging with Shadowcat. Always good, that is. We talked quite a bit, and helped settle a few things in my mind. And watched Firefly and stuff.

Friday was similarly relaxed. In the later afternoon, </a></a>kishorwolf showed up. Yay! He's a very good folfy and it was very very good to see him again. Even better to be able to spend time with him. He looks so good in his kilt, too. :)

Saturday. Sleeeeeep. Well, until we struggled out of bed for a very late lunch (after a couple of errands) at the Farmer's Market with </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>shadowolf, and associated shopping for various kitschy items until my brain clicked over into the mode where Shopping is Not Fun Anymore. I can usually only handle about two hours of shopping without a goal. Then I start getting annoyed very easily.

In the evening </a></a>kayotae returned from his first day at the Fire Academy. A very tired 'yote, but it wasn't quite so stressful as he was expecting. After all, he knew his stuff a lot better than most of the others there. Of course, this could serve to make him a target later on.

Sunday... sleeep, again. Only more so. It was very very difficult to get up and do anything most of the day. </a></a>kishorwolf's such a bad influence at times, and the lounginess of the two fourfoots in the household, not to mention </a></a>kaysho certainly didn't improve the motivation much.

Even so, one of the highlight events was still to come! Sunday afternoon, the three of us (minus the fourfoots) bundled off to Raleigh Studios for a special screening of Surge of Power. Astute readers will note that I missed the screening at Noreascon 4. It is the purest of chance that the cast and crew screening was on a day that I was actually in the area. Things like this don't usually happen to me. In any case, Vinnie invited me out to the screening, and I'm glad I went. It's a fun and campy movie. Never takes itself too seriously, and has a lot of fun with the whole superhero genre. I hope it sees a lot of distribution ahead. And future endeavours.

After the screening, we went off to the Fox and Hounds pub, where </a></a>kayotae was unwinding from his second day of Fire Academy. And doing a much more thorough job at it than the previous day! He was ably assisted by </a></a>gatcat, </a></a>kenket, and </a></a>joemorf. Even </a></a>klandagi was involved, albeit telephonically. Something I'm sure she's quite relieved of, actually. The consensus was that the Word of the Day is "McGoogans". I found great amusement in a word that Kayotae had to deal with for the bulk of the weekend: "Bearing". Oh, go on. Get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, now throw it back in.

Very very early on Monday morning, Kishor and I made our way to the airport (fortunately Ontario International is on the way to where he was working so it was a smooth plan). Was very difficult to say goodbye.

Flights home were good enough. Minor amusement: When I opened my luggage, I found not one, but two TSA inspection notices in it. What is it that these Homeland security types find so very attractive about Zeta toys?

Upon return home... status quo. Plus drama. But that's not for this entry.

Pictures, such as they are, are available.

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