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Seventh thing I learned at Worldcon: Boston transit rocks to the airport.

Got up, and got to the airport in plenty of time. And it only cost me USD1.25! Hauling my Luggage (with wheels and not many little legs) wasn't that bad; after all I did it on the TTC at home often enough. Flights were acceptable. Of course, changing in Seattle for a trip to LA from Boston added a couple of hours to travel time, but I think that's definitely worth the cheap fare I got it for.

Upon arriving at </a></a>kaysho and </a></a>kayotae's place, I opened my luggage. Much amusement ensued after finding a notice that TSA had physically inspected my bag. And that my Zeta toys (link not worksafe) were obviously the last thing put back into the case!

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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