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sixth - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Sep 11


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Sixth thing I learned at Worldcon: all conventions end. Except Murphicon.

Last day of the con is usually much more relaxed than the previous ones. Especially if you're staying that night as well. Did another sweep of the convention space and dealer's room. Snagged a couple of books for the flights the next day, and converted my pre-support for Nippon 2007 to an attending membership. That will be a fun, and expensive, trip.

Lunch was surprisingly affordable, at Vinny T's Of Boston. Not cheap, but for what you get... affordable. Then it was doing some packing and clean up, followed by a bit of a nap (finally). Then more food! </a></a>bovil, </a></a>kproche and I found a nice little place a couple blocks from the hotel. Dartmouth Cafe Bar and Grill. Quite impressive. Food was good. Wine choices were quite good, prices reasonable (about the same as Vinny T's and the food was even better!). We also had the amusement of watching the chef fret and get nervous about cooking for his parents. Something you tend not to see in a chain restaurant!

The Dead Dog party is another staple of Worldcons. The last couple have been run by the eternal Minneapolis in '73 bid committee and friends. A couple hundred fen in the con suite (well, small ballroom, but still called the 'suite'). Keeping the embers of the convention from going out. Or something like that.

Spent some time speaking with Jan Stirling — whom I mostly see at Worldcons. Usually we end up in the Art Show together, but not this time. Still, a good conversation. Still trying to convince that Toronto's better than New Mexico. More conversation with Esther, reminiscing of past Zoo trips, and lamenting that Boston's Zoo was a non-starter for the Worldcon Zoo trip.

BASFA annexed the Boston area (becoming, temporarily, the Back Bay Area Science Fiction Association). They held a meeting there, and I became a member. I suspect it'll be one of the very few meetings I'll ever get to attend. They handed out various ambassadorships, and elevated Esther from the Queen of Hamsters to the Empress of Hamsters.

BASFA has some useful meeting mechanics. There's a bowl on the meeting table. Any puns require a payment of 25 cents into the fund. Similarly, for simple motions, after attendees votes are cast, additional votes may be bought. This all works surprisingly well in an environment that doesn't have a lot of obvious backbiting politics.

Eventually sleep was required, and the convention effectively ended for me. It was a fairly good convention; I had a good time. It was a bit of a reset from the way things had been going recently. Got some affirmation that I'm not entirely off-course in some of the changes I'm making. Got a couple of reality checks, but even those were minor and very very helpful.

So... next rock will begin the second leg of my voyage... the Los Angeles basin. Sort of.

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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